Since 1984 young artists are being awarded the Wilhelm-Höpfner-Preis for implementing ancient classical themes into their work or opening themselves to the influence of ancient art. In memory of the painter and
graphic artist Wilhelm Höpfner (1899–1968) of Magdeburg, whose inheritance is kept at the Winckelmann-Museum, the price is triennially awarded for graphic artwork only. The call for proposal is addressed to professional artist not older than 35 years. The decision on awarding the price is made by the board of trustees of the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft upon suggestion of the Höpfner-committee. The next call for proposals will be during spring 2016. The Wilhelm-Höpfner-Preis for 2013 was awarded by the society’s president on December 7th on the occasion of the general assembly of the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft. The prize carries a value of €2000. The award ceremony comes along with an exhibition in the show room of the industrial cooperative bank (Volksbank) of Stendal. This exhibition is organized by the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft and allows an insight into the art production of the awardee.

Recipients of the Wilhelm-Höpfner-Price

  • Michael Augustinski (1984)
  • Hanns Schimansky (1985)
  • Ellen Fuhr (1986)
  • Anton Paul Kammerer (1987)
  • Klaus Süß (1988)
  • Walter Sachs (1989)
  • Lüder Lehnort (1991)
  • Bernd Kerkin (1992)
  • Timm Kregel (1993)
  • Tibor Kiss (1994)
  • Mark Lammert (1996)
  • Kristin Grothe (1998)
  • Jan Thomas (1999)
  • Donald von Frankenberg (2001)
  • Michael Wörle (2004)
  • Saskia Breitenreicher (2006)
  • Samantha Augenstein (2010)
  • Ellen Wagner (2013)

Wilhelm Höpfner - Biography

1899, May 17th born in Magdeburg.

1899 – 1907 years of childhood in Magdeburg.

1907 Wilhelm Höpfner with his parents moves to Nürnberg.

1905 – 1918 school education.

1918 studies with Prof. Richard Winckel at Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkerschule at  Magdeburg.

1918 – 1921 studies at Staatliche Kunstschule Berlin (graduating as art master for secondary schools).

1922 presenting four of his etchings at the exhibition of the Berlin Secession. First journey to Italy (until Palermo).

1921 – 1923 member of the artists‘ association „Die Kugel“.

1923 temporarily teaching at Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkerschule at Magdeburg.

1922 – 1925 freelance collaborator at the newspaper „Volksstimme“, Magdeburg, drawings with satirical, sociocritical and political intentions.

1926 – 1931 working in Berlin and making the acquaintance of Käthe Kollwitz and Max Liebermann.

1929 presenting four etchings from the work cycle “Die Dreigroschenoper” during the Berlin exhibition of the Prussian Academy of Arts.

1931 return to Magdeburg, school teaching.

1921 – 1937 extensive travelling to Italy, France, England, Spain, North Africa, Austria and Switzerland (seven trips to Italy alone).

1933 – 1945 five works of Wilhelm Höpfner are labelled as “degenerated” and are confiscated.

1952 – 1959 Chairman of the society of visual artists in the district of Magdeburg.

1955 at Halle first exhibition exclusively dedicated to Wilhelm Höpfner.

1959 huge Wilhelm-Höpfner-exhibition at Magdeburg.

1961 Wilhelm Höpfner is awarded the Erich-Weinert-Kunstpreis of the city of Magdeburg.

1962 study trip to China.

1964 study trips to Middle Asia:  Alma Ata (Kazakh SSR), Tashkent and Samarkand (Uzbek  SSR) und Duschanbe (Tajik SSR).

1964 – 1966 with several graphical works participation in the Brecht-exhibition on tour through several cities of Western Germany and in West Berlin at the Academy of Arts. 1968 reduced repetition of this exhibition at Vienna and Milano.

1966 creating the entire graphic design of the production of “Die Himmelfahrt des Galgentoni”, originally written by Egon Erwin Kisch, at the puppet theatre Magdeburg.

1964 – 1968 chairman of  the Magdeburg workshop for graphical studies (Graphikkreis) initialized and co-founded by him. The workshop is part of the Cultural Association of the GDR.

1959 – 1968 solo exhibitions of  Wilhelm Höpfner  in several cities of the GDR.

1946 – 1968 participation in every major regional exhibition in Saxony-Anhalt and in the district of Magdeburg. Participation many important exhibitions in Berlin and other cities of the GDR.

1968, March 14th deceased.