Winckelmann anniversaries 2017/2018

Johann Joachim Winckelmann was born at Stendal on December 9th and died at Triest on June 8th. In 2017 the 300th anniversary of his birth and in the following year 250th anniversary of his death will be celebrated.

On occasion of the Winckelmann-anniversaries 2017/18 many exhibitions and other events are planned that are designed to commemorate Winckelmann concentrating on research  on his oeuvre and considerable impact on European cultural history. The honouring will start with his 300th birthday during December 2017 and will continue to the end of 2018. Everything will be prepared by a concerted programme from 2013 to 2018.

International Congress

The global influence of Winckelmann will be the topic of a congress to be organized by the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft together with the der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz. In preparation of this congress the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft and several partners from different European countries have already organized international conference, for example in Madrid (2011), Warszawa (2014), St. Petersburg (2015), Florence (2017) and Zurich (2017). Over the next years other conferences will take place in Antalya (2017), Berlin (2018) and Madrid (2018).

Winckelmann-exhibition at Stendal

The Winckelmann-Museum will focus on the rearrangement of the permanent exhibition about Winckelmann’s life and work, on the children’s museum as well as on exhibition–center and convivial gathering place. Furthermore a presentation of collections and inheritances is planned, that were left to the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft by their former owners. It is intended to show these collections in separate studios. Re-opening of the Winckelmann-museum is on May 26th 2018.

Festival week

To mark the beginning of the Winckelmann-anniversaries in Stendal the Winckelmann society organizes a festival week together with the Hanseatic town Stendal. At different places of the town several events will be shown, amongst other things concerts, stage plays and lectures as well as a light show at the monument of Winckelmann. The festival week will take place from December 3rd to 9th 2017.

Events at the representative office of the federal country Sachsen-Anhalt in Berlin

To boost public attention to Winckelmann and the anniversaries, the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft will host a series of events at the representative office of the federal country Sachsen-Anhalt, which is for several years regularly visited by the society. During these events the towns of Sachsen-Anhalt, that are biographically linked to Winckelmann, shall present themselves in Berlin. The opening session in September 2013 was well attended by ca. 200 guests. Successful as well ware the soirees in September 2014, 2015 and 2016 when the cities of Seehausen, Osterburg and Hadmersleben were introduced. On the 13th of September, 2017 follows the hanseatic town Werben.