St. Petersburg: In 2017, the Collection of Antiquities at the State Hermitage Museum plans to host an exhibition on Winckelmann.

Winckelmann-Colloquium in St. Petersburg: An international colloquium entitled „Antike und Klassizismus - Winckelmanns Erbe in Russland“ (Antiquity and Classicism – Winckelmann’s Legacy in Russia) took place in St. Petersburg from September 30th to October 1rst 2015. The event was organized by the Winckelmann-Society in co-operation with the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Hermitage Museum as well as with the Russian Federation of Specialists in German Studies. The colloquium started with an opening speech by the Director General of the State Hermitage Museum, Prof. Dr. Mikhail Piotrovskij and was generously funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung and the German Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The conference focused on the reception of Winckelmann, that became apparent in Russian archaeology, art and literary studies since the days of Catherine the Great. The tsarina was highly connected with scholars and artists throughout Europe and exerted a dominating influence on neo-classical art and architecture of Russia. Also, in those days Johann Friedrich Reiffenstein, a friend of Winckelmann‘s, was working for the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. The local collection of antiquities and casts were gathered in this period. Furthermore, Russian translations of Winckelmann’s publications were of eminent importance for literature, poetry as well as prosa, and for art criticism. Of special interest for the attendees of the conference was the presentation prepared by Prof. Dr. Max Kunze, president of the Winckelmann-society, of a manuscript of "Gedanken über die Nachahmung der griechischen Werke in der Malerei und Bildhauerkunst" (Thoughts on the Imitation of Greek Works in Painting and Sculpture), that was relocated in St. Petersburg.

International Winckelmann-Congress