Chiasso / Naples: Stefano Ferrari and Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini are preparing an exhibition on “The copper plates for etchings of Winckelmann's Monumenti antichi inediti: the publishing and artistic history of an illustrated publication (1767-1834)”. Exhibition places will be: Chiasso (Switzerland), Museo m.a.x. (05.02.-07.05.2017) - Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (24.06.-25.09.2017).

Zurich: For May, the 18th and 19th 2017 the Swiss Institute for Art Research and the University of Basel together with the Winckelmann Society are preparing a colloquium entitled "Winckelmann und die Schweiz". Presumably, the colloquium will come along with a field trip to corresponding places in Switzerland.

Einsiedeln: In the library Werner Oechslin in Einsiedeln a Winckelmann-exhibition takes place from May, the 22nd till December, the 31st 2017. The title of the exhibition is “Antiquarisches und die Wissenschaft der antiken Kunst vor und nach Johann J. Winckelmann (1717 – 1768)“.