United Kingdom

A series of four symposia on the general topic of ‘Taste’ is in preparation, which will take place in 2017-18 in London (Institute of Classical Studies or King’s College – to be confirmed), Reading (Ure Museum of Classical Archaeology), Oxford (Taylor Institution for Modern Languages), and Cambridge (Museum of Classical Archaeology). The idea is to have a combination of papers closely related to Winckelmann and some more broadly related to the ‘Taste’ theme. The additional members of the organising committee are as follows: Prof. Dr. Katherine Cecilia Harloe (University of Reading), Prof. Dr. Ian Jenkins (British Museum, London), Prof. Dr. Amy Smith (Professor of Classical Archaeology and Curator of the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, University of Reading), Dr Sadie Pickup (Christie’s Institute of Education, London), Dr Daniel Orrells (University of Warwick/King’s College, London), Dr Fiona Gatty (University of Oxford), Dr Susanne Turner (Curator, Museum of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge), Dr Kate Nichols (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cambridge), Lucy Russell (doctoral researcher in Italian Studies, University of Oxford, writing on Winckelmann’s early Italian reception), Allan Hiscutt (doctoral researcher in classical art, University of Reading).

On June 15th and 16th 2017 there will be a two-day conference in London (Day 1 at King’s College London, Day 2 at The Warburg Institute), on the topic ‘Under the Greek Sky: Imitation and Geographies of Art After Winckelmann’.  The conference will end with a walking seminar on ‘Winckelmann in the British Museum’ conducted in the Museum’s Enlightenment and Greek Sculpture Galleries, and will be led by Dr K. C. Harloe and Dr Ian Jenkins.

The conference in London will be followed by a one-day workshop in Reading entitled “Spreading Good Taste: Winckelmann and the Objects of Dissemination”.

The workshop will be followed by the launch of an exhibition entitled “Under the Greek Sky: Winckelmann, Soane and Neoclassical taste for Classical Art” which will run at the University of Reading’s Special Collections until December 2017.

On June 29th 2018 there will be a conference on ‘Ideals and Nations: New perspectives on the European reception of Winckelmann’s aesthetics’, hosted by the Christ Church College at the University of Oxford. The speakers will be Alex Potts (Michigan), Fiona Gatty (Oxford), Lucy Russell (Oxford), Helen Slaney (Roehampton) and David Watkin (Cambridge).

Furthermore, it is planned by Dr K. C. Harloe, Dr Cristina Neagu (Keeper of Special Collections at Christ Church Library, Oxford) and Dr Amy Smith, to arrange a Winckelmann-exhibition at Christ Church Library in Oxford in 2018 along with symposia.