Exhibition–center and convivial gathering place

This center is a meeting place with special showrooms, inspiring joint studies as well as conversations about and personal experience of fine arts.  You will find sufficient seating, legible lettings, a furnished coffee-maker,  exhibition on history of art, culture and archaeology. Stimulated by a neoclassical environment and by the Collection von Wangenheim with its many prospects and views of Rome you will relive this city during the days of Winckelmann, while enjoying the publications of our exhibitions or browsing the world’s art-collections  by using computer-stations. Inside the workshop of the Berlin artist and sculptor Christa Sammler you will witness the genesis of a real statue, from the very idea via preliminary drawings inspired by antiquity to the perfected piece of art. Being a guest in our gallery of casts after famous marble and bronze sculptures from antiquity you will find yourself in the ancient world of Graeco-Roman art, where every statue could tell many tales.

The center can be visited daily (except Monday), 2pm – 5pm. Special appointments are possible. For programme announcements see “Veranstaltungen”. 

An afternoon in the ”Rome room”

For an afternoon would you like to feel as if you were lodging in the parlour of a manor? Would you like to enjoy views of palaces, churches and remains of ancient architecture at neo-classical Rome, drawn and engraved by artist like Giuseppe Vasi and Giovanni Battista Piranesi? Coloured etchings by Bartolomeo Pinelli will introduce you to everyday’s life in the streets of Rome at the beginning of the 19th century: folk festivals, carnivals and productions at the puppet theatre. Coloured drawings after the Stanze di Raffaello (Raffael Rooms) will guide you through the Vatican. To previous visitors of Rome etchings like these served as souvenirs. In two decades they have been collected by Wolfgang von Wangenheim, who recently donated the collection to the Winckelmann-Museum. Neoclassical antique furniture invites you to have a rest. A coffeemaker will provide hot beverages – coffee was quite expensive during the 18th century, imagine that Winckelmann economically brewed every coffee ground twice!

From the layout to a finished bronze statue: Look over an sulptor’s shoulder – visiting the studio of Christa Sammler

Christa Sammler, an artist from Berlin (*1932 at Wroclaw), recently assigned her whole artistic estate to the Winckelmann-Museum at Stendal:

- 26 bronze sculptures and over 50 corresponding plaster or clay models, nearly ten silicone moulds of, ca. 30 fayence/ceramic statuettes

- 450 unpublished drawings, for example of nudel models, portraits and landscapes, as well as botanical studies, still lifes and drawings made during her study travellings to Greece, Italy and Russia. There also are graphically designs for greeting cards and posters.

- The private collection of the artist, which served her as an inspiration: several items, she collected from the debris of post-war Berlin, for example a neoclassical mantelpiece from a ruined belle-époque-appartement, relief fragments of the Berlin Bauakademie (Building Academy), that was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, and sculptural fragments from Berlin cemeteries.

- A photo collection with pictures made during her trips, photographic studies of antiquities

This show room conveys an impression of the intellectual endeavor of the artist and how it would be like to create a piece of sculptural art step by step, from the layout to the perfected relief.

On screen you will meet Christa Sammler interviewed about her biography and her oeuvre.

The plaster moulds can be touched to facilitate the appreciation of modern art.

To understand the working process in fayence and clay  one can study different materials as glass frit for glazing (from the world famous manufacturing of porcelain at Meissen), wax for sculptural forming, and several clay samples. It is possible to observe how differently clay and glazing react to varying temperatures .

The artistic topics of Christa Sammler encompass ancient mythology and art facing historical and individual experience of present times – maybe therein you will find a point of contact with your own personal history?

How it was with cardinals and aristocrats – The Gallery of ancient sculptures

Even if you are currently not on your way to Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Rome, Naples or Florence, to see famous art museums, the opportunity to enjoy famous sculptures of ancient art presents itself at the Winckelmann-Museum. Inside the vast ambulatory sufficient seating is provided to offer the opportunity of studying every item closely and without limitation of time. On a computer screen you will find information regarding every item: pictorial impression of the original setting, data about artists, attributes and possible additions.   You will gain insight into the organization of ancient sanctuaries or sport arenas. And among other things you will come to learn about the difficulties an ancient statue had to endure until she found her final location.